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10 basic requirements for deep foundation pit support construction

October 27, 2023

1. The construction plan of deep foundation pit enclosure must be determined according to the design requirements, depth and site environmental engineering progress. After spinning, the construction plan shall be approved by the chief engineer of the unit and submitted to the chief supervision engineer for approval. Only when it meets the requirements of norms and laws and regulations can it be constructed.


2. Deep foundation pit construction must solve the groundwater level, generally use light well point pumping, so that the groundwater level to the bottom of the foundation pit below 1.0 m, there must be a special person responsible for 24 hours on duty pumping, and should do a good job of pumping records, when the open ditch drainage, the construction period shall not be interrupted drainage, when the structure does not have the anti-floating conditions, it is strictly prohibited to stop drainage.


3. When excavating soil in deep foundation pit, the distance between multiple excavators should be greater than 10m, and the soil should be excavated from top to bottom, layer by layer, and no deep digging should be allowed.


4. Deep foundation pit should be dug up the ladder or support ladder, it is prohibited to step on the support up and down, the foundation pit should be set around the safety railing.


5. When manually lifting earth, check the lifting tools, whether the tools are reliable, and no one can stand under the lifting bucket.


6. When stacking materials and moving construction machinery on the upper side of the deep foundation pit, a certain distance should be maintained from the excavation edge. When the soil quality is good, it should be far away from 0.8m and the height should not exceed 1.5m.


7. During the rainy season construction, drainage measures must be set for the surface water around the pit to prevent rainwater and surface water from flowing into the deep foundation pit. The soil excavated in the rainy season should be 15~30cm above the elevation of the foundation pit, and then excavated after the weather cleared.


8. The backfill of deep foundation pit should be symmetrically backfilled around, and cannot be extended after filling on one side, and do a good job of layering compaction.


9. In the construction of deep foundation pit, on-site engineering and technical personnel should adhere to the work, timely solve the safety and quality problems in the construction, and ensure that each process can grasp the quality and progress under the premise of safety assurance.


10. The key parts of deep foundation pit construction must be strictly controlled, and the construction of the last process must not be allowed before the acceptance of the previous process.

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