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Detection of the foundation treatment effect

March 1, 2024

1. Change the filling method

After changing the foundation method, the ring knife method, static touch test, light dynamic touch test and standard penetration test should be used to test the effect of foundation treatment. During testing, the sampling point should be located at 2 / 3 of the thickness of each layer, and the appropriate load plate should be selected to apply the load to the foundation first, and then the sampling point should be arranged. The foundation pit shall be not less than 1 detection point per 10~20m; while the base groove shall not be less than 1 detection point per 50~100 ㎡.

2. Strong ramming method

After the dynamic compaction method of the foundation, should interval time to the foundation reinforcement quality testing, namely in situ test (field load test and indoor geotechnical test, and the number of detection points should be based on the site complexity and the importance of the building to determine, usually each building foundation of detection points should be not less than 3, if the foundation is complex, should be appropriate to increase the inspection points. At the same time, dynamic touch test, static touch test, cross plate test, load test, wave speed test, side pressure meter test and offset shovel side expansion test and other field tests should be carried out, and the number of detection points should not be less than 3 points, and not less than 1% of the number of pier points.

3. precompression

After the foundation, the treatment effect should be tested. During the testing, representative places should be reserved in the prepressure area, shear strength test of different depths and soil extraction for indoor test, and the quality effect of foundation reinforcement should be judged according to the anti-slip stability of hydrochloric acid foundation. The vacuum-preloading method should be tested at different stages and after the vacuum extraction.