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Hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs TG35

June 24, 2013

In june 15th,news came from Beijing Sinovo International, the product 3 hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs TG35 which will export to Afghanistan, they will be transported from tianjin port to at the end of this month.

Hydraulic diaphragm wall grabs TG35 is new designed self-erecting rig mounted on original caterpillar 330D base, adopts advanced hydraulic loading back technology, integrates advanced electronic control technology, which makes the whole performance of hydraulic diaphragm wall grabsTG35 reach advanced world standards. And this product has a high-constuction and a powerful grab closing force, which is beneficial to construction of diaphragm wall in complex strata.

This marks the Beijing Sinovo International into a new step in the market of West Asian.