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Maintenance of crawler of water well drilling rig

March 22, 2022

Maintenance of crawler of water well drilling rig


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The following points should be paid attention to in the maintenance of the crawler of the water well drilling rig:


(1) During the construction of water well drilling rig, the crawler tension shall be adjusted according to the soil quality to deal with the differences of soil quality in different construction sites. This can also prolong the service life of the machine. When the soil is soft, it is easy to attach soil to the crawler and rail link. Therefore, the crawler should be adjusted slightly loose to prevent abnormal conditions imposed on the rail link due to the attachment of soil. When the construction site is full of pebbles, the crawler should also be adjusted slightly loose, so that the bending of the crawler shoe can be avoided when walking on the pebbles.


(2) Wear and tear should be reduced during the construction of water well drilling rig. Carrier sprocket, supporting roller, driving wheel and rail link are easily worn parts. However, there will be great differences according to whether daily inspection is carried out or not. Therefore, as long as proper maintenance is carried out, the wear degree can be well controlled. When operating the water well drilling rig, avoid walking and sudden turning in the inclined area as far as possible. Straight line travel and large turns can effectively prevent wear.


(3) During the construction of water well drilling rig, it is also necessary to carefully check the bolts and nuts: when the machine works for a long time, the bolts and nuts will become loose due to the vibration of the machine. If you continue to operate the machine when the crawler shoe bolts are loose, there will be a gap between the bolts and the track shoe, which will lead to cracks in the crawler shoe. Moreover, the generation of clearance may also increase the bolt hole between the track and the rail chain link, resulting in serious consequences. Therefore, bolts and nuts should be checked and tightened regularly to reduce unnecessary costs. Check and tighten the following parts: crawler shoe bolts; Mounting bolts of supporting roller and supporting sprocket; Mounting bolts of driving wheel; Walking piping bolts, etc.