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Notes on the Use of Piling Machines

June 28, 2018

Notes on the Use of Piling Machines


The pile hammer of the piling machine is attached to the two parallel vertical guide rods in front of the pile frame. It is lifted by a lifting hook. The pile frame is a steel structure tower and a roll hoist is installed at the rear to lift the pile. And pile hammer. There is a guide frame consisting of two guide rods in front of the pile frame, which is used to control the direction of piling so that the pile is accurately poured into the formation according to the orientation of the design. In everyday use, we need to understand some of its use precautions.


1. When the piling machine is working, it needs to be commanded. The commanding personnel and the operators must check the signals with each other before working. The work should be closely coordinated.
2. In the beginning, you should use an electric bell to guard the signal in other ways, and then inform the surrounding people to leave.
3. Piling machine and pile cap, pile cap and pipe column plane should be flattened, the joint bolt should be tightened, and should be often checked for looseness.
4. The start of the piling machine should be gradually accelerated from low speed to high speed.
5. Piling machines should pay close attention to the voltage and current on the control plate during the work. If there is a noise or other situation, the inspection should be stopped immediately.
6. Always check the temperature of the bearing and whether the bearing cover screw is loose. If the eccentric iron joint screw is loose, the accident will occur.
7. When sinking, people are not allowed to stand around the column.

8. Piling machines should be suitable for advance contact with relevant personnel when they are combined with water shooting and mud sinking, and they should take care of each other at work.
9. Staff must wear seat belts when connecting long pipe pillars or piles and when installing pile caps.

10. During the sinking process, mechanical maintenance and maintenance work is prohibited.

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