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Pile foundation can be selected in the following cases

February 8, 2024

1. Pile foundation can be used when the foundation is weak and the natural foundation cannot meet the requirements of foundation strength and deformation.


2, when there are strict requirements for building deformation, pile foundation should be used.


3. Pile foundation should be used when high-rise buildings or structures have special requirements for limiting tilt.


4. Pile foundation should be used when the foundation settlement has mutual influence on adjacent buildings.


5, heavy single-storey industrial plant with large tonnage heavy duty crane, crane load is large, frequent use, workshop equipment platform, dense foundation, and generally have ground load, so the foundation deformation is large, then pile foundation can be used.


6, precision equipment foundation and power mechanical foundation, due to the deformation and allowed amplitude have higher requirements, usually also used pile foundation.


7, earthquake area, in the liquefiable foundation, the use of pile foundation through the liquefiable soil layer and extend into the lower dense stable soil layer, can eliminate or reduce the damage of liquefaction to the building.