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Super Rig : SD2200

July 21, 2023

SD2200 is a multi-functional full-hydraulic pile machine with advanced international technology. lt can not only drill bored piles. percussion drilling. dynamic compaction on soft foundation, but also has all the functions of rotary drilling rig and crawler crane. lt also surpasses the traditional rotary drilling rig. such as ultra-deep hole drilling. Perfect combination with full casing drilling rig to carry out complex work. lt is especially suitable for the construction of occlusive pile, bridge pile, Sea and river Port foundation pile and high precision pile foundation of subway. The new super drilling rig has the advantages of high construction efficiency, low energy consumption and green advantages, and has the function of intellectualization and multi-purpose. The super drilling rig can be used in all kinds of complex terrain, such as Cobble and Boulder stratum, hard rock stratum, karst cave stratum and thick quicksand stratum, and can also be used to break old piles and waste piles.

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Multifunctional hydraulic drill with full working condition

Rotary drilling function

Extruding and expanding function of expanded pile

.Impact hammer function.

Drive casing. wall protection and casing drilling function.

Caterpillar crane hoisting function Reinforcing cage of pile driver and lifting function of drilling tool

This machine is multi-functional. can use all kinds of rotary drilling buckets and drilling tools for rotary drilling. the same time, make use of their own advantages of a variety of equipment in one. an engine to provide energy. energy saving. green economy.


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