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TRD Method . Process Principle

June 12, 2023

1、Principle: After the chain-blade cutting tool is cut vertically and continuously to the design depth, it is pushed horizontally and injected with cement slurry to form a continuous, equal thickness and seamless cement wall ;

2、Insert core material (H-shaped steel, etc.) into the cement mixing wall of equal thickness to form a composite retaining and water stop structure.

TRD Method . Features and Scope1. It is applicable to clay, sand, gravel and gravel layers, and also has good applicability in dense sand layer with 30-60 standard penetration value and soft rock with saturated uniaxial compressive strength not exceeding 10 MPa.2. The depth of the finished wall can reach 70 meters, and the verticality deviation shall not be greater than 1/250 (when the TRD verticality deviationist not greater than 1/300 when it is used as the reinforcement of the inner and outer trench walls of the ground wall);

3.Wall thickness 550-950 mm;

4. The cement is evenly mixed, and the unconfined compressive strengthis 0.5-2.5MPa;

5. The wall has good water resistance, and the permeability coefficient can reach 1x10-6 cm/s to 1x10-7 cm/s in sandy soil;

6. The spacing of the interpolated profiles can be evenly arranged with equal spacing, and the rigidity of the enclosure is more uniform;

7. The maximum height of construction machinery is generally not more than 12 meters. and the center of gravity of construction frame is low, with good stability.


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