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What is a three-axis mixing pile?

March 8, 2024

Three axis mixing pile is a kind of long spiral pile, pile machine has three spiral drilling at the same time, construction three spiral drilling down construction at the same time, generally used for underground continuous wall construction method, is an effective form of soft foundation treatment, using mixing machine will cement into soil and fully mixing, make a series of physical and chemical reaction between cement and soil, make soft soil hardening and improve the strength of the foundation.

act on:

Three-axis mixing pile plays an important role in foundation pit retaining engineering. One kind of intermediate steel is only used for water stop, which should be combined with other processes; one is that H steel (commonly known as SMW method in mixing pile) can be both water stop and retaining wall, which is suitable for digging shallow foundation pit.


Compared with other supporting piles, the construction speed of the three axis mixing pile is fast, and the formation time of each pile is about 30-40 minutes (about 60m in 24 hours); the water stop effect after the pile is remarkable; mechanical automatic control, simple operation procedures; less manual input, construction cost is low; and the three axis mixing pile can be carried out after the trench excavation, the site does not need mud pool, and the construction site safety and civilization is guaranteed. The rear three-axle mixing pile has both water stop and supporting function; the section steel can be recycled.


The installation time of three-axis mixing machinery and auxiliary facilities needs about 10 days, and the machinery and auxiliary facilities need large working space, large cement storage, and large electricity consumption. A 500 Kw transformer can only supply the operation of a three-axis mixer. The construction of the three axes also needs to consider the geological situation, which is suitable for the treatment of silt, silt soil, peat soil and silt soil quality.