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Why do electric rotary drilling rig?

July 19, 2023

Each diesel rotary drilling rig, that is equivalent to 351 cars.

The electric rotary drilling rig can realize pure electric operation. In the mode of pure electric operation, the battery or the power grid can provide power to the equipment and realize zero emission.

The electric rotary drilling rig can also realize the extended range operation mode, in the extended range operation mode, fuel consumption can be saved by 40-50% compared to the traditional drilling rig, can achieve 40% to 50% emission reduction.

The energy utilization efficiency of electric rotary drilling rig can reach 87%. Electric rotary drilling rig adopts direct motor drive, energy from the battery/rectifier cabinet through the harness to the controller to the motor, and then drive the reducer to work, the loss of energy transfer in such a short harness is negligible. Just consider the mechanical efficiency of the motor and reducer, and at most add a rectifier in the middle, which is 3% energy loss.

The traditional fuel rotary drilling rig energy transfer route is engine - pump - pipeline - valve - motor reducer, each level of transmission is efficient, but also have energy loss, such as pump valve motor have mechanical efficiency and volume efficiency, as well as heat loss, calculated down, hydraulic system energy utilization efficiency is only about 62%, Considering the thermal efficiency of the engine itself, according to the test data of several major domestic engine manufacturers, the highest thermal efficiency is about 40%. As a result, the energy efficiency of conventional oil-fired rotary drilling RIGS is only 25% (62%*40%).

Sinovo series electric rotary drilling rig model.

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