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Why is full hydraulic pile cutter so popular?

December 18, 2020

As a new type of pile head cutting equipment, why is full hydraulic pile cutter so popular?


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It uses hydraulic cylinders to squeeze the pile body from different points of the same horizontal end face at the same time, so as to cut off the pile.

The full hydraulic pile cutter is mainly composed of power source and working device. The working device is composed of several hydraulic cylinders of the same type to form a crusher with different diameters. The piston of the oil cylinder is made of alloy steel, which can meet the crushing requirements of concrete of various grades.


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Full hydraulic pile cutter requires power source for operation. The power source can be a hydraulic power pack or other movable construction machinery.

In general, the hydraulic power pack most used in the pile foundation construction of high-rise buildings, which has a small overall investment, and is easy to move and suitable for pile cutting in group piles.

In the construction of bridges, excavators are often used as the power source. When connect with pile breaker, remove the excavator's bucket first, hang the chain of pile breaker at the connecting shaft of bucket and boom, and then connect the hydraulic oil circuit of excavator to the oil circuit of pile breaker through balance valve to drive the oil cylinder group. This combined pile breaker is easy to move and has a wide operating range. It is suitable for construction projects where the pile foundation is not concentrated.


The operation features of the full hydraulic pile cutter:

1. Environment-friendly: Its full hydraulic drive causes little noises during operation and no influence on the surrounding environments.
2. Low-cost : The operating system is easy and convenient. Fewer operating workers are required to save cost for labor and machines maintenance during construction.

3. Small volume: It's light for convenient transportation.
4. Safety: Contact-free operation is enabled and it can be applied for construction on complex land form.
5. Universal property: It can be driven by diverse power sources and is compatible with excavators or hydraulic system according to the construction sites conditions. It is flexible to connect multiple construction machines with universal and economical performance. The telescopic sling lifting chains meet the requirements of various land-forms.
6. Long service life: It is made of military material by first-class suppliers with reliable quality, extending its service life.
7. Convenience: It's small for transportation. Replaceable and changeable module combination makes its applicable for piles with various diameters. The modules can be assembled and disassembled easily and conveniently.


Working conditions of the full hydraulic pile cutter:

1.The construction of cutting pile need power source, which can be excavator, hydraulic power pack and lifting device.

2. The pressure of hydraulic system is 30MPa, and the diameter of hydraulic pipe is 20mm

3. Because of the project machinery and pile basis may have something uncertainty, it can break the pile height at most 300mm for each time.

4. Applicable to construction machinery tonnage of 20-36 tons, single module weight of 0.41 tons.


Due to the above reasons, Sinovo Hydraulic pile cutter is very popular in China and the world.

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