SPA5 Plus 2650mm Hydraulic Pile Breaker Trimming Concrete Head Cutter Machine

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SINOVO
Certification: CE/GOST/IS9001
Model Number: SPA5 Plus
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: wooden case
Delivery Time: ON STOCK
Payment Terms: L/C or T/T
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
Detail Information
Name: SPA5 Plus 2650mm Hydraulic Concrete Pile Head Cutter Machine Max Pile Diameter: 2650mm
Max Drill Rod Pressure: 485kN Max Stroke Of Cylinder: 200mm
Max Flow Of Single Cylinder: 25L/min Max Cut Number Of Pile: 30-100/8h
Height Of Cutting Each Time: ≦300mm One-piece Module Weight: 210kg
High Light:

2650mm hydraulic pile breaker


trimming concrete foundation hydraulic pile breaker


2650mm pile breaker

Product Description

SPA5 Plus 2650mm Hydraulic Concrete Pile Head Cutter Machine




SPA5 Plus pile cutter is fully hydraulic, the diameter range of pile cutting is 250-2650mm, its power source can be hydraulic pump station or mobile machinery such as excavator. The SPA5 Plus pile cutter is modular and easy to assemble, disassemble and operate.


With the development of economy, the traditional piling technology of manual cooperating with air picks can no longer meet the needs of the construction of pile foundations such as bridges and roadbeds. Therefore, the hydraulic pile cutter construction method came into being. Hydraulic pile cutters have obvious advantages in saving labor and ensuring construction safety and quality; and using this construction method can also reduce the generation of occupational disease hazards such as noise and dust, which is conducive to ensuring the safety of workers and meets the development requirements of modern production.


Applications: It is suitable for chiseling of various round and square pile heads with pile diameter of 0.8~2.5m and concrete strength ≤ C60, especially for projects with high requirements for construction period, dust and noise disturbance.

Process principle: The power source of hydraulic pile cutting machine generally adopts fixed pump station or movable construction machinery (such as excavator).



Pile cutting:

According to the site construction conditions, use the truck mounted crane to move the pile cutter to the pile head to be cut, adjust the height of the pile cutter to the appropriate pile cutting position, use the remote control equipment to clamp the pile surface to be cut, adjust the system pressure according to the concrete strength, and pressurize the oil cylinder until the pile body breaks under strong pressure.

After the pile shaft is cut off, the concrete block is directly lifted by the platform lifting force, and the broken pile block is moved to the designated position. The cycle shall be conducted until the design height of pile top. When the pile is cut to the top of the reinforcement cage, the lower pressure shall be used first, and the squeezing depth of the drill rod shall be adjusted according to the actual thickness of the protective layer. The protective layer shall be broken to make the anchor bars at the pile head leak out, and then the position of the pile cutting drill rod shall be adjusted. The pile body shall be cut off with a larger squeezing force to avoid damage to the reinforcement.



Specification of SPA5 Plus hydraulic pile cutter (a group of 12 modules)



SPA5 Plus

Range of Pile diameter (mm)

Φ 250 - 2650

Maximum Drill rod pressure


Maximum stroke of hydraulic cylinder


Maximum pressure of hydraulic cylinder


Maximum flow of single cylinder


Cut the number of pile/8h


Height for cutting pile each time


Supporting the digging machine Tonnage (excavator)


One-piece module weight


One-piece module size


Work status dimensions


Total pile breaker weight




Construction’s parameters:


Module numbers The diameter range (mm) Platform weight Total pile breaker weight (kg) Outline size(mm)
7 250 - 450 15 1470 Φ1930×400
8 400 - 600 15 1680 Φ2075×400
9 550 - 750 20 1890 Φ2220×400
10 700 - 900 20 2100 Φ2370×400
11 900 - 1050 20 2310 Φ2520×400
12 1050 - 1200 25 2520 Φ2670×400
13 1200-1350 30 2730+750 3890 (Φ2825) ×400
14 1350-1500 30 2940+750 3890 (Φ2965)×400
15 1500-1650 35 3150+750 3890 (Φ3120)×400
16 1650-1780 35 3360+750 3890 (Φ3245) x400
17 1780-1920 35 3570+750 3890 (Φ3385)×400
18 1920-2080 40 3780+750 3890(Φ3540) ×400
19 2080-2230 40 3990+750 3890(Φ3690) ×400
20 2230-2380 45 4220+750 3890(Φ3850) ×400
21 2380-2500 45 4410+750 Φ3980×400
22 2500-2650 50 4620+750 Φ4150×400


Main characteristics and advantages of pile cutter:


1. High pile cutting efficiency.

A piece of equipment can break 40~50 pile heads in 8 hours of continuous operation, while a worker can only break 2 pile heads in 8 hours, and for pile foundations with concrete strength greater than C35, at most 1 pile per day can be broken

2. The pile cutting operation is low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

The construction machinery is fully hydraulically driven, with low noise, no disturbance to the people, and low dust hazard.

3. The pile cutter has high versatility.

The modular design of the pile cutter can adapt to the needs of various types of pile diameters and concrete strength changes in the field by adjusting the number of modules and hydraulic strength; the modules are connected by pins, which are easy to maintain; the power sources are diversified, according to the site conditions. It can be equipped with excavator or hydraulic system: it can truly realize the versatility and economy of the product; the design of retractable hanging chain can meet the requirements of multi-terrain construction operations.

4. The pile cutter is easy to operate and has high safety.

The pile cutting operation is mainly operated by the remote control of the construction manipulator, and there is no need for workers near the pile cutting, so the construction is very safe; the manipulator only needs to pass a simple training to work.

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