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High Performance Torque Rotary Drilling Rig Machine TR210D: Top-of-the-line drilling rig for high torque applications

Basic Information
Brand Name: SINOVO
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High Performance rotary drilling rig machine


high torque rotary drilling rig machine


High Performance rotary drilling machine

Product Description

TR210D Rotary drilling rig is mainly used in the construction of civil and bridge engineering, it adopts advanced intelligent electronic control system and loading sensing type pilot control hydraulic system, the whole machine is safe and reliable. It’s suitable for the following application; Drilling with telescopic friction or interlocking Kelly bar –standard supply; Drilling with CFA drilling system – option supply;


Technical characteristics:

1. The drilling rig can be transported without dismounting the drill pipe, which saves the logistics cost and improves the transfer efficiency, and its lower part additionally has the crawler extension and retraction functions and can fully retract to 3000mm, and fully extend to a width of 4100mm, thereby ensuring the construction stability and adapting to the construction requirements of most small construction sites.


2. The high-power Dongfeng Cummins engine is used and meets the national stage- 111 emission requirements, and has the characteristics of economy, efficiency, environmental protection, stability and so on.


3. The power heads with domestic leading brands are used with a maximum rotational speed of 33 rotations per minute, and has the characteristics of high torque, reliable performance and stable quality.


4. The hydraulic system adopts the international advanced concepts and specially designed for optimization of the rotary drilling rig. The main pump, the power head motor, the main valve, the auxiliary valve, the balance valve, the walking system, the slewing system, the pilot handle, etc. are of imported brands, and the auxiliary system uses a load-sensing system, and the flow distribution on demands is achieved.


5. All key parts of the electronic control system (display, controller, dip sensor, sounding proximity switch, etc.) are of high-end original imported components with international famous brands, the reliable aviation connector is used for the control box in order to create special domestic engineering machinery products.


6. The main and auxiliary winches are arranged on the mast to facilitate to observe the wire rope direction, the double-broken-line drum is designed and used, the drilling rig is wound with multi-layer wire ropes for smooth releasing, so that the wear of wire ropes is effectively reduced, and the service life of wire ropes is effectively improved.


Engine Brand   Cummins
Rated Power kw 194
Rated speed r/min 2200
Rotary drive Max.output torque KN.m 210
Drilling speed   0-30
Max.drilling Diameter mm 1500
Max.drilling Depth m 45/57
Pull-Down Cylinder Max.pull-down piston push KN 150
Max.pull-down piston pull KN 160
Max.pull-down piston stroke mm 4100
Main Winch Max. pulling force KN 180
Max. line speed m/min 80
Diameter of wire rope mm 28
Auxiliary Winch Max. pulling force KN 50
Max. line speed m/min 30
Diameter of wire rope mm 16
Main Rake side   ±4°
Kelly Bar   406interlocking kelly bar4*12.2m
interlocking kelly bar5*12.2m
Undercarrige Max. traveling speed km/h 2.8
Max. tum speed r/min 3
Chassis width mm 3000-4100
Tracks width mm 700
Caterpillar grounding length mm 4300
Hudraulic System Pilot pressure Mpa 3.9
Working pressure Mpa 32
Overall Drilling Weight kg 53800
Dimension Working condition mm 8200*4100*18150
Transportation condition mm



High Performance Torque Rotary Drilling Rig Machine TR210D: Top-of-the-line drilling rig for high torque applications 0 

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