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SPA8 PLUS Hydraulic Pile Breakers - Modular Design for Efficient Pile Breaking

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Brand Name: SINOVO
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Brand: Sinovo
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SPA8 PLUS hydraulic pile breakers


modular design hydraulic pile breakers

Product Description

The leading hydraulic pile breaker with five patented technologies and adjustable chain, it is the most efficient equipment to break the foundation plies. Due to the modular design, the pile breaker can be used for breaking different sizes of pile. Equiped with the chains, it can work with different equipments to break piles.


The hydraulic pile breaker has the following features: easy operation, high efficiency, low cost, less noise, more safty and steadibility. It imposes no impact force on the parent body of the pile and no influence on the bearing capacity of the pile, and shortens the construction period greatly. It is applicable for pile-group works and is recommended strongly by the construction department and the supe, vision department.


SPA8 PLUS  Construction's Parameters
  mm t kg mm
Module numbers The diameter range Platform weight weight Height of single crush pile
6 450-600 20 2400 300
7 650-800 22 2800 300
8 850-1000 26 3200 300
9 950-1200 27 3600 300
10 1150-1400 30 4000 300
11 1350-1600 32 4400 300
13 1650-1800 35 5200 300
14 1850-2100 35 5600 300
15 2050-2300 40 6000 300
16 2250-2500 40 6400 300


SPA8 PLUS Hydraulic Pile Breakers - Modular Design for Efficient Pile Breaking 0

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SPA8 PLUS Hydraulic Pile Breakers - Modular Design for Efficient Pile Breaking 1


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So, what exactly is a hydraulic pile breaker? At the heart of this cutting-edge tool is a hydraulic demolition machine designed specifically for the task of breaking and removing concrete piles. Its advanced hydraulic system enables fast and efficient pile cutting without the need for traditional methods such as drilling or jackhammering. Able to break piles of various diameters and materials, hydraulic pile breakers are a versatile and essential tool for any construction project.

The hydraulic pile breaker is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system that can provide high crushing force and effectively break concrete piles. Its sturdy design ensures durability and longevity, making it a reliable and low-maintenance piling solution. The machine is also equipped with safety features to protect the operator and bystanders during operation, giving you peace of mind and reducing the risk of accidents on the construction site.

One of the main advantages of hydraulic pile breakers is their ability to provide precise, clean cuts without the need for additional handling or cleanup. Not only does this save time and labor costs, it also minimizes environmental impact by reducing waste and debris on the job site. Additionally, the efficient cutting process ensures minimal damage to surrounding structures and natural surroundings, making it ideal for projects in urban or sensitive areas.

Whether you are working on a high-rise building, a bridge or any other construction project that requires shearing piles, a hydraulic pile breaker can provide a quick and effective solution. Its versatility can cut various types of piles, including square, round and octagonal, as well as different materials such as reinforced concrete, steel and wood. This flexibility ensures that the hydraulic pile breaker can meet the needs of a variety of construction applications.

All in all, hydraulic pile breakers are a game changer in the construction industry. Its advanced technology, efficiency and environmental benefits make it an essential tool for any construction project that requires pile cutting. By investing in a hydraulic pile driver, contractors can streamline operations, save time and money, and contribute to a more sustainable and safer construction process. Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your construction work with this innovative and indispensable tool.

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