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Adjustable Simple SPA8 Hydraulic Pile Breaker Machine Cut Concrete Pile, Pile Head With CE/ GOST/ ISO9001 Certificate

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SINOVO
Certification: CE/GOST/ISO9001
Model Number: SPA8
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiation
Packaging Details: Export package
Delivery Time: ON STOCK
Payment Terms: L/C or T/T
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
Detail Information
Model: SPA8 Cut Pile Dia: 450-2000mm
Max.Thrust: 790KN Quantity: Cut 30-100 Piles/ 8h
Single Module Weight: 410kg Total Weight: 5.5t
High Light:

concrete pile breaker


hydraulic pile cutter

Product Description

Adjustable Simple SPA8 Hydraulic Pile Breaker Machine  With CE/ GOST/ ISO9001 Certificate



 Sinovo hydraulic pile driver, designed to break concrete piles easily and efficiently. This innovative product is ideal for construction sites where large numbers of concrete piles need to be broken to make way for new structures.


Hydraulic pile drivers have a powerful hydraulic system that can break piles with minimal effort, saving time and money on construction projects. Portable, lightweight and easy to handle, this product is ideal for construction sites where flexibility and mobility are required.


The technology behind hydraulic pile breakers enables them to efficiently break concrete piles of different types and sizes, including square, round and octagonal piles. The precision of the breaker also ensures that no damage is done to the surrounding area or the pile itself.


One of the main advantages of a hydraulic pile driver is its versatility. Piles of different lengths and diameters can be broken according to engineering needs. It is compatible with multiple excavator models and can be easily connected and disconnected for different projects.


The hydraulic pile breaker is also very environmentally friendly as it avoids the use of traditional demolition methods that generate dust and noise pollution. The silent operation of the breaker makes it ideal for urban construction sites with strict noise pollution regulations.


Additionally, hydraulic pile drivers are extremely durable and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for long-term use. It is designed with dual piston rods that efficiently transfer force from the cylinder to the stake, extending its life.


The hydraulic pile breaker is an essential product for construction sites that require efficient and precise pile breaking. Its eco-friendly and lightweight design, combined with its versatility and durability, make it an essential tool for any construction project. Hydraulic pile drivers prove the power of innovation combined with technology to create practical and efficient solutions for the construction industry.


Main Feature:


The leading hydraulic pile breaker,with five patented technologies, is the most equipment to crushing the foundation piles and fills the domestic gap;

1. By modular design,the pile breaker can be used for crushing piles of different diameters;

2. Can be hung to a large variety of equipment, realize the versatility.

3. Simply operated with less staff,reduce the cost of the construction;

4. Crushing the piles wholly,reduce the construction of energy;

5. Using adjustable chain,the pile breaker can apply to construct in different terrains;

6. Total hydraulic drived, almost silent in its operation;

7. Quick assembled,more convenient to transport an more reliably;

8. Modular design brings a high life and maintained easily;

9. Excellent design brings customs the most return. 




Specification (a group of 13 modules)

Model SPA8
Range of Pile diameter (mm) Ф1800-Ф2000
Maximum Drill rod pressure 790kN
Maximum stroke of hydraulic cylinder 205mm
Maximum pressure of hydraulic cylinder 34.3MPa
Maximum flow of single cylinder 25L/min
Cut the number of pile/8h 30-100
Height for cutting pile each time ≦300mm
Supporting the digging machine Tonnage (excavator) ≧36t
One-piece module weight 380kg
One-piece module size 908x780x400mm
Work status dimensions Ф3560x3000
Total pile breaker weight 5.0t

SPA8 Construction’s Parameters

Module numbers The diameter range (mm) Platform weight(t) Total pile breaker weight(kg) Height of single crush pile(mm)
6 450-650 20 2460 300
7 600-850 22 2870 300
8 800-1050 26 3280 300
9 1000-1250 27 3690 300
10 1200-1450 30 4100 300
11 1400-1650 32.5 4510 300
12 1600-1850 35 4920 300
13 1800-2000 36 5330 300



Operation steps (Apply to all Pile Breakers):

1.  According to pile diameter, with reference to the construction reference parameters corresponding to the number of modules, directly connect the breakers to the work platform with a quick coupler;
2. The working platform can be excavator, lifting device and hydraulic pump station combination, the lifting device can be truck crane, crawler cranes, ete;
3.  Move the pile breaker to the working pile head section;
4.  Adjust the pile breaker to the suitable height (please refer to construction parameter list when crushing the pile,otherwise the chain may be broken), and clamp the pile position to be cut;
5.  Adjust the excavator's system pressure according to the concrete strength, and pressurize the cylinder until the concrete pile breaks under high pressure;
6.  After the pile is crushed, hoist the concrete block;
7.  Move the crushed pile to the designated position.


Adjustable Simple SPA8 Hydraulic Pile Breaker Machine Cut Concrete Pile, Pile Head With CE/ GOST/ ISO9001 Certificate 0

After- sales service:

As a long-established drilling rig manufacturer in China, SINOVO Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd  do business with reputation and word of mouth. We are dedicated to provide customers perfect service.To make customers feel secure in using our products, we establish a complete after- sales service system,and provide a one-year warranty for our drilling rigs. During the warranty period, we provide free debugging,operator training and maintenance service. In addition, we also offer free spare parts. As our main components are imported from world renowned companies,our overseas customers can maintain these components easily.






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