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Construction technology and key points of high-press churning pile

November 24, 2023

High-pressure jet grouting method is to drill a grouting pipe with a nozzle into a predetermined position in the soil layer by using a drill machine, and use high-pressure equipment to make the slurry or water or air become a high-pressure jet of 20 ~ 40MPa from the nozzle, punching, disturbing and destructive soil mass. At the same time, the drill pipe is gradually raised at a certain speed, and the slurry and soil particles are forcibly mixed. After the slurry solidifies, a cylindrical consolidated body (i.e., rotary jet pile) is formed in the soil to achieve the purpose of strengthening the foundation or water sealing and seepage prevention.

Scope of application

1. Can be widely used in muck, mucky soil, cohesive soil, silty clay, silt (sub-sandy soil), sandy soil, loess and artificial soil in the plain filled soil, even gravel soil and other soil layers.


2. It can be used as the foundation reinforcement of existing buildings and new buildings, and can also be used as the foundation seepage prevention; Can be used as temporary measures in construction (such as deep foundation pit side wall retaining soil or water, waterproof curtain, etc.), can also be used as a permanent building foundation reinforcement, anti-seepage treatment.


(3)When used to treat foundation projects where peat soil or groundwater is corrosive, where the groundwater flow rate is too high, or where water has surged, tests should be conducted to determine its applicability.


According to the different jet methods, it can be divided into single tube method, double tube method and triple tube method

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