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March 28, 2024

>> Reverse Circulation is a drilling method widely used around the world.

>> RC drilling uses dual wall drill rods consisting of an outer drill rod with an inner tube. These hollow inner tubes allow the drill cuttings to return back to the surface in a continuous, steady flow.

>> The advantage of this drilling technique is that it produces large quantities of high quality reliable samples free of cross-contamination. The cuttings also allow surveyors to locate mineral deposits more precisely as the samples are identified by the exact depth and location that they were found.

>> RC drilling produces dry rock chips, large air compressors dry the rock ahead of the advancing drill bit, lt is slower, but achieves better penetration than other types of drilling.>> Conventional DTH and Top Hammer collar sampling are likely to experience unwanted material collection, as the desired sample is blown to the surface via the hole annulus and contaminated by the prior sample intervals.>> As a result, Reverse Circulation drilling results are successfully used in resource calculations worldwide.

Sinovo series reverse circulation drilling rig is anew multi-purpose, high-efficiency. environmental protection, multi-track-type rig, which uses the latest foreign gas lift reverse circulation drilling technology. rock dust can be effectively collected through a dust collector to avoid environmental pollution. You can also collect slagging cyclone separator can be used in geological prospecting department of sampling analysis .lt is a geological exploration drilling. drilling wells, monitoring wells, ground source heat pump air-conditioning and other deep hole of choice for equipment.

>> The drilling rig can be used in a variety of compressed air on the ground hole reverse circulation drilling. The lifting system. guide compensation, drill pipe loading and unloading, rotation and feed, legs, winch, walking and other system to achieve all of the hydraulic system to significantly reduce the labor intensity and improve the efficiency and quality of construction .