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Trench Cutting Re Mixing Deep Wall Machine TRD Method

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Re Mixing Deep Wall Machine


Trench Cutting Deep Wall Machine

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TRD Method - Process Principle

1,Principle: After the chain-blade cutting tool is cut vertically and continuously to the design depth, it is pushed horizontally and injected with cement slurry to form a continuous, equal thickness and seamless cement wall;

2,Insert core material (H-shaped steel, etc.) into the cement mixing wall of equal thickness to form a composite retaining and water stop structure.

Trench Cutting Re Mixing Deep Wall Machine TRD Method 0

TRD Method - Features and Scope

1. It is applicable to clay, sand, gravel and gravel layers, and also has good applicability in dense sand layer with 30-60 standard penetration value and soft rock with saturated uniaxial compressive strength not exceeding 10 MPa2. The depth of the finished wall can reach 70 meters, and the verticality deviation shall not be greater than 1/250 (when the TRD verticality deviation is not greater than 1/300 when it is used as the reinforcement of the inner and outer trench walls of the ground wall),

3.Wall thickness 550-950 mm

4. The cement is evenly mixed, and the unconfined compressive strength is 0.5-2.5MPa;

5. The wall has good water resistance, and the permeability coefficient can

reach 1x10-6 cm/s t 1x10-7 cm/s in sandy soil;6. The spacing of the interpolated profiles can be evenly arranged with equal spacing, and the rigidity of the enclosure is more uniform;7. The maximum height of construction machinery is generally not more than 12 meters, and the center of gravity of construction frame is low, with good stability.

Trench Cutting Re Mixing Deep Wall Machine TRD Method 1


TRD main technical parameters:
Part Project Unit TRD7095 TRD4585 Rematks
Dynamic Parameters Engine power KW 418(1800rpm) 257(1850rpm) 标配Standard
Motor power KW 90*3+6 90*2+55+6 380V,50HZ,选配Configuration
System pressure Mpa 34.3 34.3  
Cutting force KN 355 355  
Standard cutting depth m 70 45  
Cutting width mm 550-950 550-850  
Cutting speed m/min 0-72 0-72  
Lifting stroke mm 4550 4550  
Lifting force KN 2235 2235  
Lateral travel mm 1200 1200  
Transverse force KN 1526 1180  
Tilt cylinder stroke mm 1000 1000  
Column tilt angle ° ±5 ±5  
Gantry tilt angle ° ±6 ±6  
Machine Parameters Operating Weight t 约120 约105  
Overall dimension mm 10228*7336*10628 9058*7030*10500  


Trench Cutting Re Mixing Deep Wall Machine TRD Method 2



The TRD method stands for "Trenching Remotely" and is a breakthrough technology for creating continuous walls above ground. The method involves using a chainsaw-type cutter attached to a main machine to excavate a trench and filling it with lateral movements. But what exactly is the TRD method and how does it work?


The TRD method is a sophisticated yet effective method of constructing above-ground diaphragm walls that are used for a variety of purposes, including foundation works, basement construction, and retaining walls. The process begins with a basic machine equipped with a powerful chainsaw-style cutter capable of digging into the ground. The cutter then moves laterally across the ground, creating trenches as it cuts through the soil and rock. Once the trench is formed, it is simultaneously filled with a suitable material, such as bentonite slurry or concrete, to stabilize the wall and prevent collapse.


One of the main advantages of the TRD method is the ability to create continuous walls without the need for extensive excavation and backfilling. This not only saves time and labor, but also reduces the environmental impact of the construction process. Additionally, the TRD method is versatile and can be used in a variety of soil conditions, including hard rock and clay.


Additionally, the TRD method is known for its precision and accuracy, as the lateral movement of the tool produces smooth, uniform walls. This is critical for construction projects that require precise dimensions and structural integrity.


In summary, the TRD method is a pioneering and efficient technique for creating continuous walls at ground level. Its ability to simultaneously dig and fill trenches makes it a valuable tool for a variety of construction projects. With its precision, versatility and environmental benefits, the TRD method is revolutionizing the way underground diaphragm walls are constructed, providing a more efficient and sustainable approach to above ground works.



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