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SRC 600 Rc Drill Rig Top Drive Type Fully Hydraulic Efficient Powerful Machinery

Basic Information
Brand Name: SINOVO
Model Number: SRC 600
Detail Information
Maximum Drilling Depth: Down 600m Speed For Best Rate Of Climb: 29m/min
Borehole Diameter: 105~450mm
High Light:

SRC 600 rc drill rig


Top Drive Type rc drill rig


Efficient Powerful rc drilling machine

Product Description

Back cycle series multi-function drilling rig is a new type, high efficiency, environmental protection, multi-function track drilling rig, it adopts the latest foreign RC drilling technology, rock dust can be effectively collected through the dust collector to avoid environmental pollution. It can also be collected by cyclone separator, which can be used for sampling and analysis of geological exploration department. It is the preferred equipment for geological exploration and drilling holes and other deep holes.


The drill can use compressed air reverse circulation submersible hole drilling in a variety of strata. The drilling rig drilling frame lifting, drilling frame compensation, drilling rod connection and unloading, rotation and feeding, legs, rolling, walking and other actions are all realized by the hydraulic system, greatly reduce the labor intensity, improve the construction efficiency and engineering quality,


The combination of drill rod elevator and hydraulic wrench makes the drill rod safe and convenient, quickly reduce labor intensity and improve operation efficiency.

Design a unique drill centering, supplemented by the level instrument, to ensure the drilling hole accuracy centering to open and close freely, easy to use, combined splint variable inner diameter and drill absolute match;


Choose the latest patent product an air per-filter, can filter out more than 90% of the dust in the intake, and automatically exhaust dust, without cleaning, effectively reduce engine wear, prolong the service life: improve work efficiency, so that it is really suitable for a variety of bad working conditions


The special oil mist of compressor system can improve the service life of impactor

Roller slide, wear resistance, long life.


Advantages of the exploration and drilling rig series

1 The power system is a diesel engine-driven hydraulic system

2 high performance reverse cycle impactor submersible hole operation, by the air compressor for air supply and slag discharge according to the size of the working hole can be matched with a variety of impactor, drill head.

3 With a standard modular design, the rig module can be optionally moved on the crawler chassis or truck.

4 The rig rotation adopts American-owned motor, driven at two points, with small model and large torque rotation speed can be adjusted according to different working conditions 5, effectively improving the footage efficiency of impactor

6 The cylinder plate chain structure is adopted for drilling and lifting, which is safe and reliable. The drilling shaft pressure and drilling speed can also be adjusted according to different working conditions to effectively improve the footage efficiency of the impactor

7 The hydraulic system is equipped with an independent hydraulic oil radiator to ensure the continuous operation of the drilling rig under outdoor high temperature and climate conditions.

The lifting hoist can flexibly lift the drilling tools or auxiliary tools of less than 1.5 tons

8 Multi-functional hydraulic jack, leveling the fuselage when the drill is working, and loading and unloading during transit transportation, without lifting.

9 During the rig operation, the drilling frame can improve the rigidity of the drilling frame by compensating the oil cylinder and ensure the working stability of the rig

The compensation skateboard protects the drill pipe thread and improves the service life of the drill pipe;


SRC 600 Rc Drill Rig Top Drive Type Fully Hydraulic Efficient Powerful Machinery 0


SRC 600 Rc Drill Rig Top Drive Type Fully Hydraulic Efficient Powerful Machinery 1


I: Technical parameters

Host model: SRC 600
Diesel engine: Dongfeng Cummins 132KW
Adapt to rock species f=6-20 speed for best rate of climb 29m/min
borehole diameter 105~450mm Fast forward speed 28m/min
Maximum drilling depth Down 600m Rotary torque 12000/6000N*m
working air pressure 1.6~6MPa Rotation speed 0~186r/min
gas consumption 16~75m3/min Intake efficiency 10~35m/h
Power head trip 4000mm speed of travel 3Km/h
run of steel 3000mm climbing capacity 21°
Drill diameter ¢89mm/¢102mm Drill weight 12t
Axial pressure 7t outline dimension 7000×2100×2900mm
build up 29t condition of compatibility Loose layer and bedrock
Slow rise speed 2m/min Drilling way Air reverse circulation drilling
Slow forward speed 0.5~4m/min With the impact Medium and high wind pressure series

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