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XY-4 Core Drilling Rig High Efficient Equipment For Drilling Operations

Basic Information
Brand Name: SINOVO
Model Number: XY-4
Detail Information
Spindle Turnable Angle: 0-360° Max.torque: 5757N·m
Max. Uplifting Force Of Spindle: 80KN Drill Dimension(LxWxH): 2850x1050x1900mm
High Light:

XY-4 core drilling rig


High Efficient core drilling rig


High Efficient core drilling equipment

Product Description

Introducing the XY-4 core drill rig, a cutting-edge solution for geological exploration and coring projects. This innovative drill rig is designed to deliver reliable, efficient performance in a variety of drilling applications, making it the perfect choice for geologists, mining companies and construction companies.


The XY-4 core drilling rig is equipped with advanced features and capabilities to ensure precise, accurate drilling results. It is powered by a high-performance engine that delivers the power and torque needed to drill through the toughest geological formations. The gear also features a durable and sturdy construction, making it suitable for use in remote and challenging environments.


One of the main advantages of the XY-4 core drilling rig is its versatility. It can be used for a variety of drilling tasks, including geological exploration, mineral exploration and environmental monitoring. The rig is capable of handling diamond and tungsten carbide coring, providing a flexible and adaptable solution for a variety of drilling projects.


In addition to versatility, the XY-4 core drill rig offers exceptional precision and control. It is equipped with advanced drilling technology that allows for precise positioning and depth control, ensuring the highest accuracy in obtaining each core sample. This level of accuracy is critical for geological research and resource assessment, making the XY-4 a valuable tool for geologists and mining professionals.


Additionally, the XY-4 core drill is designed with operator safety and comfort in mind. It features a user-friendly control panel and ergonomic design to minimize operator fatigue and maximize productivity. Safety features such as automatic shut-off and emergency stop buttons are also integrated into the rig to provide peace of mind to operators working in challenging drilling conditions.


When it comes to efficiency, the XY-4 core drill is unmatched. Its efficient drilling system and high-speed rotation capabilities reduce drilling time and increase productivity. This not only saves time and labor costs, but also allows for a more comprehensive drilling campaign, resulting in more accurate and reliable geological data.


In short, the XY-4 core drilling rig is the ultimate solution for geological exploration and coring. The rig's versatility, precision and efficiency make it the perfect choice for any drilling project, from mineral exploration to environmental monitoring. Its advanced features and capabilities make it an indispensable tool for geologists, mining companies and construction companies seeking superior drilling results. Choose the XY-4 core drill rig for your next drilling project and experience the difference it can make in your operations.


1,Drilling Capacity
Core drilling
Drilling rod type Drilling rod size Driling depth

Drilling rod(China)

Inner thicken drilling rod
42mm Drilling rod 900m
50mm Drilling rod 700m
60mm Drillingrod 550m

Wireline drilling rods
55.5mm Drilling rod 750m
71mm Drilling rod 600m
89mm Drllling rod 480m

DCDMA Drilling rod

Wireline drilling rods
BQ Drilling rod 800mm
NQ Drilling rod 600mm
NQ Drilling rod 450mm
PQ Drilling rod 250mm
2,Spindle Turnable Angle 0°-360°
3,Power Model Power R.Speed Weight
Electric motor Y225S-4 37KW 1480 r/min 300kgs
Diesel engine YCD4K11T-50 37KW 2200 r/min 300kgs
4,Rotary Table
Type Double-cylinder feeding and mechanical rotation
Spindle diameter Φ8mm
Spindle speed Forward(r/min)48 87 150 230 327 155 280 485 745 1055
Reverse(r/min)52 170
Max.torque 5757N·m Feeding travel of spindle 600mm
Max. uplifting force of spindle 80KN Max. feeding force of spindle 60KN
Type Planetary gear transmission system
Diameter of wire rope Φ15.5mm
Bobbin capacity 89m(seven layers)
Max. hoisting force(Single rope) 48KN
Lifting speed Hoisting velocity(third layer)0.46 0.83 1.44 2.21 3.15
Type A typical 130-type vehicle-specific dry single-disc friction clutch
7,Hydraulic system
System pressure
Rated pressure 8Mpa Maximum Pressure 10Mpa
Oil pump With Diesel engine With electric motor
Oil gear pump CB-E25 CB-E40
Displacement 25mL/r 40mL/r
Rated speed 2000r/min 2000r/min
Rated pressure 16Mpa 16Mpa
Maximum Pressure 20Mpa 20Mpa
Type Sliding type(with base frame)
Movabletravelofdrill 460mm Distance between drill and hole-opening 260mm
9,Drill dimension(LxWxH) 2850x1050x1900mm
10,Rig weight(Engine is not included) 1600kgs

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