Spindle Type Core Drilling Rig With Reliable Hydraulic System

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: SINOVO
Certification: CE
Model Number: XY-1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
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core drilling machine


core drilling equipment

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Spindle Type Core Drilling Rig With Reliable Hydraulic System





Spindle Type Core Drilling Rig With Reliable Hydraulic System 0


Spindle Type Core Drilling Rig


Choosing a right drilling rig is important for coring. Generally, core drilling rigs should be chosen according to design depth of drilling, design angle of drilling, rock conditions, and drilling methods etc. Here we give you some examples as follows:

Diamond core drilling requires hydraulic drilling rigs with higher speed and wider range of speed regulation. Besides, the drilling rigs should be equipped with bottom hole pressure gauge, speed and torque meter. When driven by electric motor, core drilling rigs should be fitted with voltage meter and ammeter.

When creating holes in the alluvial layer, stack layer or loose sandy land, blade bits or common carbide drill bits can be used.The mud can be used as washing fluid.

Impact bits are suitable for drilling into gravel layer. Drilling after cement injection or orifice tube embedment is also applicable.

When drilling in hard rock, you should use carbide drill to drill a hole of 300mm depth, and then use diamond-impregnated bit.


As a professional core drilling rig manufacturer in China, we produce core crawler drilling rigs, core trailer drilling rigs, and full hydraulic core drilling rigs for you to choose from. These products are reliable, versatile, and come in various specifications to satisfy your different drilling applications.


Geological drilling rigs are often used for coring, which retrieve core samples from the ground. Reprehensive core and rock debris are often obtained to help determine the subsurface geology and amount of mineral resources.


We manufacture core drilling rigs including spindle type and full hydraulic type for a wide range of applications: solid mine bed exploration drilling with the depth of 100-4200 meters, engineering geological exploration, superficial-zone petroleum and natural gas mining, mine gallery ventilation and water discharge tunnel drilling. And according to the customer need, the rig can be mounted on skid, crawler or truck.


core drilling rigs- spindle type is ideally suited for exploration, mining, water well and pile grouting hole drilling operations projects for which ease of transport, mobility and compact dimensions are important factors.


Main Features:

- Hydraulic rising
- Higher rotational speed
- Easy and convenient operations
- Light weight, easy removal
- Reliable hydraulic system
- Suitable for different Geological exploration
- Convenient for maintenance

Spindle Type Core Drilling Rig With Reliable Hydraulic System 1


XY Spindle Type Core Drilling Rig


Model XY-1 XY-200 XY-2B XY-3B
EURO standards U.S. standards EURO standards U.S. standards EURO standards U.S. standards EURO standards U.S. standards
Drilling capacity 110m 361feet 280m 656feet 300m 984feet 600m 1968feet
Hole diameter















Max torque 0.6knm 443lbf.ft 1.7knm 1254lbf.ft 2.55knm 1881lbf.ft 3.5knm 2618lbf.ft
Angle range 90°-75° 90°-75° 0°-90° 0°-90° 90°-70° 90°-70° 90°-70° 90°-70°
Spindle max pull force 25kn 5620lbf 49kn 11016lbf 68kn 15287lbf 68kn 15287lbf
Spindle stroke 450mm 18inch 510mm 20inch 550mm 22inch 550mm 22inch

Hoist max lift capacity

(single rope)

10kn 2248lbf 20kn 4496lbf 25,15,7.5kn 5620, 3372, 1686lbf 30kn 6744lbf
Power unit Electric motor 7.5kw 10hp 20kw 27hp 22kw 30hp 30kw 40hp
Diesel engine 10.3kw 14hp 1000kg 2205lb 24.6kw 33hp 35.3kw 47hp

Rig weight

(without power unit)

500kg 1102lb 1000kg 2205lb 1200kg 2646lb 1300kg 2866lb

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