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SD220L Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig Crawler Full Hydraulic Pump

Basic Information
Brand Name: SINOVO
Model Number: SD220L
Detail Information
Condition: New After-sales Service Provided: Engineers Available To Service Machinery Overseas, Video Technical Support, Online Support, Free Spare Parts, Field Maintenance And Repair Service
Name: Reverse Circulation Drilling Rig, Water Well Drilling Machine, Multifunction Hydraulic Drilling Rig, Reverse Circulation Geothermal Core Drilling Rigs Used For Sale, Truck Mounted 200m Water Well Bore Hole Drilling Rig For Sale Application: Exploration Hydraulic Drilling Machine, Water Well Drilling And Soil Test, Geological Exploration, Ore/water Well
Feature: High Drilling Efficiency, High Construction Efficiency, Portable
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220m reverse circulation drilling rig


Crawler reverse circulation drilling rig


Full Hydraulic Pump rc drilling machine

Product Description

SD220L Crawler full hydraulic pump reverse circulation drilling rig is mainly used for drilling vertical pile foundations in large-diameter, pebble, hard rock and other complex strata. Its maximum diameter is 2.5m (rock), the drilling depth is 120 m, and the maximum strength of rock socketed can reach 120MPa, which is widely used in the drilling construction of pile foundations in ports, wharfs, bridges in rivers, lakes and seas with the advantages of fast footage and high automation, and saves labor and construction costs.


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Main structure and performance characteristics


I. Main structure


  • The equipment adopts crawler chassis, the hydraulic system composed of an engine

and hydraulic pump installed at the rear of the vehicle is to drive the motor reducer driving the crawler chassis, which realizes the self-propelled function.


2.Four hydraulic jacks are installed on the front and rear sides of the track chassis. The main machine can be supported and the front, rear, left and right levels can be adjusted without leveling the ground of the construction site. The jacks can be opened and closed freely under separate control. During construction, the hydraulic jacks are extended, and the maximum width of the fulcrum of the left and right outriggers can reach 3.8m.


3. The gantry of the drilling rig is fixed at the front end of the chassis platform and placed vertically (working state).


4. The gantry frame and the door opening frame at the lower end are an integrated structure, which greatly enhances the stability of the overall structure of the frame.


5. A gantry subframe is installed inside the gantry, which not only increases the guiding performance, but also makes the construction more stable, and greatly prolongs the service life of the drill pipe. The power head is installed inside the lower end of the gantry subframe. The hydraulic cylinder used for lifting the power head (including the subframe) is installed in the square tube of the mullion of the subframe.


6. the rotary head adopts rotary head of rotary drilling rig, which increase output torque

driven by three 107 variable motors


7. The right mullion of the gantry is equipped with a manipulator and a cantilever crane (composed of hydraulic winch, cantilever, pulley, etc.). Used for disassembling and assembling drill pipes.


8. Close to the rear of the gantry, the middle and front part of the platform is equipped with a cab, which is equipped with an operation console, a display screen, an air conditioner, etc.


9. Behind the cab and in the middle of the platform, a slurry pump is installed. The slurry pump is directly driven by a 90kw motor. The energy loss of electric and hydraulic conversion is avoided. At the same time, the construction cost is reduced.


10. In the hydraulic pump station at the rear of the platform, two independent hydraulic systems are installed:


10.1 The travel hydraulic system is composed of Cummins 197kw diesel engine and negative flow constant power variable pump, which is used for travel motor, main engine outrigger cylinder, door opening frame outrigger cylinder, lifting cylinder and other actuating elements. It is convenient to walk on the construction site and align the pile holes of the drilling rig.


10.2 The rotary head hydraulic system is composed of 132kw three-phase asynchronous motor and negative flow constant power variable pump, which is used for rotary head work, lifting oil cylinder, manipulator oil cylinder, hydraulic winch and other actuating elements.


Advanced hydraulic system is specially designed for pump suction reverse circulation. The main pump, rotary head motor, main valve, load sensitive auxiliary valve and other hydraulic components are made of Rexroth, Kawasaki of Korea, hydraulic HC of Italy, Jiangsu Hengli, Sichuan Changjiang Hydraulic and other well-known brands at home and abroad, with superior and stable performance.


11. All key components (display and controller) of the electric control system are imported components of international famous brands and high-end original packaging; The control box adopts reliable aviation grounding and plug parts; Create a special electric control system for domestic pump suction reverse circulation drilling rig.


12. The switchboard is installed behind the two hydraulic pump stations and is covered by covers together with the two hydraulic pump stations.


13. As the mud pump is placed on the platform, the distance between the mud pump and the water surface of the pile hole is reduced, the suction lift of the mud pump is shortened, and the working performance of the mud pump is greatly improved.



14. Design specification of drill pipe: ¢ 325x25x2000 The drill pipe adopts threaded connection, which is convenient for automatic installation and disassembly. The buckle head and nut at both ends of the drill pipe are taper rectangular buckle, made of 35CrMo, Quenched and tempered, and the drill pipe is made of 16Mn. The welding process adopts preheating before welding and heat preservation after welding. The welding quality of drill pipe is ensured and the service life is improved.


15. Drilling accessories: the drilling accessories used in this equipment are rotary drilling tools. Different drilling accessories are recommended to users according to different geological conditions. According to the structure, there are two wing, three wing and four wing rotary drilling tools; Cylindrical rotary drilling tool. Classification by drilling teeth: there are scraper type alloy drilling teeth, roller drilling teeth and cutter drilling teeth.


II. Performance characteristics


1. the slurry pump designed by water conservancy experts from Jiangsu University of technology is the most advanced in China. The impeller has high working efficiency, and the double channel impeller is adopted, with remarkable energy-saving effect. The pump casing and impeller are made of high chromium iron and investment casting process, with high surface finish, good wear resistance and long service life. The impeller adopts dynamic balance test, with high balance and fast speed. As long as the impeller currency is solid particles smaller than the inner diameter of the drill pipe, including rock blocks and pebbles, it can be discharged, which avoid repeated crushing of solid particles and pebbles. High slag removal efficiency.


2. Large torque and lifting force, especially suitable for complex geology such as gravel, pebble and rock;


3. the manipulator and auxiliary winch are arranged on the gantry frame, which is convenient, reliable and labor-saving for removing and installing drill pipes;


4. Rotary head: constant power output, automatic transmission. Under different geological conditions, the variable motor of the rotary head automatically adjusts the output torque and output speed, with a high degree of automation, fast footage speed and high construction efficiency.


5. The instrument and display screen in the cab display the operation data of each system in real time, so that the operator can master the operation status at any time.





Engine Model   Cummins
Rated power kw 197
Rated speed r/min 2200
Max.drilling diameter mm 2500(Rock)
Max.drilling depth m 120
Rotery drive Max.output torque KN·m 220
Rotating speed r/min 4-17
Lifting cylinder Max. pull-down piston pull KN 450
Max.pull-down piston push KN 37
Max. pull-down piston stroke mm 800
Vacuum pump Supporting power KW 15
Ultimate pressure Pa 3300
Maximum flow L/S 138.3
Mud pump Supporting power KW 90
flow m³/h 1300
Head m 1200
Main pumping station Supporting power KW 132
Working pressure of hydraulic system MPa 31.5
Small auxiliary crane Max. pulling force KN 10
Diameter of wire rope mm 8
Max. winch speed m/min 17
Chassis Max. traveling speed Km/h 1.6
Chassis width mm 3000
Track width mm 600
Track ground length mm 3284
Drill pipe specification mm Φ325x22x1000
Main engine weight Kg 31000
Dimensions working condition (Length ×width × height) mm 7300×4200×4850
Transport condition (Length × width × height) mm 7300×3000×3550


III. Project process


Pump suction reverse circulation drilling rig. By means of water circulation, the cutting materials in the pile (well) hole are continuously transported to the mud pit next to the pile (well) hole together with the mud. In the mud pit, sand, stone and other granular materials settle to the bottom of the tank, and the mud flows into the pile (well) hole continuously. Supplement the water level of pile hole. The specific process scheme is as follows:


3.1. The pile casing shall be embedded at the pile hole. The pile casing is made of steel plate larger than 5mm, and its diameter shall be 100mm larger than the design pile (well) hole diameter. The length of the pile casing depends on the geological conditions. The lower edge of the pile casing should be buried in the permanent soil layer and exceed the backfill layer.


3.2. If the backfill is too deep and the excavator or manual work cannot work, the user can specially make a barrel drill bit and fix it on the drill to dig holes. The depth is generally not more than 10m. As the case may be. Do not collapse.


3.3. The excavation capacity of the mud pit shall be greater than the pile hole volume. It is better to use rectangular shape, which can prolong the time and speed of mud reflux in the pile hole, and the granular material can settle to the maximum.

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