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Fully hydraulic portable Core drilling machine

Basic Information
Brand Name: SINOVO
Product Description

Product Introduction

Fully hydraulic portable rock core drilling rig has introduced Cana- dian portable drilling rig technology, with original core components imported and domestically produced and assembled. The technology is mature and reliable, adopting a lightweight modular design, integrated control of the power unit, patented sliding frame, and can drill at constant pressure with high drilling speed. It is a high-performance drilling rig that conforms to national policies to develop green mines and implement green exploration. The series of products include F300D, F600D, F800D, and F1000D hosts. Widely used in geological prospecting and exploration, basic engineering, water conservancy and hydropower, and tunnel strip engineering exploration, particularly skilled in rock core drilling and exploration in mountainous areas, forests, plateaus, and other areas with complex terrain and inconvenient transportation.


Product Features

Green exploration

The use of minimally invasive drilling technology eliminates the need for road construction, reduces damage to vegetation and landscape environment, and uses environmentally friendly mud materials to maximize the protection of the construction site and surrounding environment

Small and portable

Lightweight modular design for easy disassembly, with over 80% of structural components made of high-strength alumi- num alloy material. A single module weighs up to 160kg and can be transported by four people, making it safer and more convenient.

Reliable and stable

International high-end brand hydraulic components, with integrated systems, high reliability, smooth operation, and the ability to operate day and night without faults, each component can withstand severe working conditions, thereby increasing the working time of the drilling rig and requiring less mainte- nance costs.

Safe and efficient

Mast type drilling frame, without the need for tower operation, increases the safety factor of operation, hydraulic overload automatic protection device, to prevent accidents, daily electricity use adopts 12 V DC power supply, which is safer. Integrated control of the power unit, capable of constant pressure drilling, equipped with thin-walled drilling tools, high speed, smooth cutting, and fast footage.

 Advanced technology

By using a direct connected drill pipe and full hole drilling with a pipe, undisturbed rock cores can be taken from complex and fractured formations, easily collapsed formations, weathered bedrock layers, and other complex formations, with a recovery rate of over 97% to ensure drilling quality.

Cost savings

Quick entry and relocation, easy disassembly, easy installation, manual transportation through small roads, no need to build trans- portation roads, can complete the foundation disassembly and assembly in 1-2 hours, shorten the exploration period, and only need a 4x4 meter site for drilling rig installation, saving infrastructure and management costs for mining enterprises.


Power:Adopting a Kubota turbocharged diesel engine imported from Japan, with mature technology and strong power output.Equipped with original imported KTR couplings from Germany, the power output is stable and reliable.

hydraulic pressure:The hydraulicoperating system adopts interna- tionally renowned hydraulic components, import- ed multi-channel directional valves from Canada, integrated hydraulic circuit blocks, and Italian quick change connectors.

Mud:Adopting an Italian imported BOTOLINI mud pump and hydraulic drive, the ten position control valve group can accurately adjust the mud flow according to different situations in the hole.

The aluminum hydraulic mixer is meticulously designed with a frame structure to form circulat- ing eddies during the mixing process, eliminating waste of mud materials and making the mud dissolve more evenly.


  project F300D F600D F800D F1000D
Drilling unit Give progress 1.8M 1.8M 1.8M 1.8M
lift force 70KN 120KN 130KN 150KN
power head ZK200top drive ZK600top drive ZK800top drive ZK1000top drive
weight 80Kg 120Kg 120Kg 130Kg
L×W×H(mm) 2000×520×4200 2750×520×5200 2750×520×5200 3000×680×5500
power unit engine Kubota V1505T Kubota D1105T KubotaV1505T Kubota V1505T
power 1×33KW 3×24KW 3×33KW 4×33KW
weight 180Kg/unit 160Kg/unit 180Kg/unit 180Kg/unit
L×W×H(mm) 910×620×940 910×600×840 910×620×940 910×620×940
operational unit weight 150Kg 130Kg 140K8 140K8
L×W×H(mm) 508×762×1010 508×762×1010 508×762×1010 508×762×1010
Fuel tank unit capacity 55L.water-cooling 100L.water-cooling 100L.water-cooling 120L.water-cooling
weight(empty) 28kg 45kg 45kg 50kg
weight(ful) 70Kg 120Kg 120Kg 140Kg
L×W×H(mm) 630×257×303 876×559×940 876×559×940 892×572×980
Rope winding Rope capacity 300m 800m 1000m 1000m
weight(empty) 28kg 45kg 45kg 60kg
L×W×H(mm 430×260×200 500×450×400 500×450×40 500×450×400
drill pipe clamp Maximum drill pipe size PQ(PWL) PQ(PWL) PQ(PWL) PQ(PWL)
clamping force 5.000kg 9,000kg 12,000kg 15.000kg
weight 18kg 23kg 23kg 30kg
Mud unit mode Botolin Botolin Botolini Botolini
Flow and pressure 110Lpm,75bar 110Lpm,75bar 110Lpm,75ba 110Lpm,75bar
way of working hydraulic transmission hydraulic transmission hydraulic transmission hydraulic transmission
weight 35kg 35kg 35kg 35kg
L×W×H(mm) 770×553×286 770×480×340 770×480×340 770×480×340
Appearance and weight Machine ares 2m×3m 4m×4m 4m×4m 4m×4m
Heaviest module/total weigh 180kg/800kg 160kg/1300kg 180kg/1350kg 180kg/1550kg


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